How do I combine modern and classic interiors?

Antique pieces are characterized by the beauty and value of oldest handmade techniques that no longer exist. Some pieces are stunning and can be combined with modern interiors we usually choose. Sometimes an antique piece makes the outcome even better since it adds value to the modern decors. So, if you discover any old grandmother’s furniture in your warehouse don’t throw them away.  Restore them and see where they could fit among your modern furniture.

On the other hand if you don’t own any antiques and you would like to add some value to your modern design you could:

  • Buy a Persian carpet. It suits perfectly with your contemporary style.


  • Buy a classic crystal chandelier on top of your modern dining table. It will always provide elegance, luxury and a classy atmosphere.


  • Buy a venetian mirror to decorate it on top of a console.


  • Silver elements like vases, candlesticks, charms look great on a modern coffee table.


  • Combine a classic armchair with your modern sofas. Restore it, replace the old fabric with a modern one and it will look great.