Steps to design a small house

Small houses have many positive features such as low cost, easy to clean, feel cozy. But it is more difficult to design them properly in order to fit everything you need without making the space smaller and tighter. Always remember that you should leave enough space for comfortable circulation.

  • Don’t make the mistake to buy only practical furniture. You can always live in a small “luxury” house and combine beauty and functionality instead of a miserable décor.
  • Use each blank space to fill it with useful devices or furniture. If needed hide them in a cupboard that has the same color as walls. In that way cupboards seem less. The photo below shows that the blank space under the stairs is used as a laundry and store room, covered perfectly by the cupboard.


  • Design an open kitchen with the living room. In that way both rooms look spacious plus that you can use the kitchen table as your main dining table.


  • If the residence is in ground floor with a garden, you can open wide the balcony door in a way to join the indoors with the outdoors. In that way you will let plenty of light to come in and your living room will look double the size instantly.


  • Use smart multifunctional furniture in a couple of spaces like a sofa bed or an armchair bed in front of the office for a guest or a bunk bed in children room with storage drawers underneath
  • Choose light colors on walls. Makes the room look spacious
  • Avoid many and large pieces of furniture that will make your space look tighter